Neretva-Science-Week 028th of June - 3rd of July, 2022


A 6-day long event with a diverse team of biologists,ecologists and environmental scientists, that follow…
to contribute to protecting rivers asknowledgeable experts and scientists, with…
of collecting data and increasing visibilityfor a unique river system, by…
of concentrating relevantexpertises in an inspiring collaborative field campaign.

THE SCIENCE WEEK... a follow up of two successful science weeks at the Vjosa in Albania in 2017 and 2021and it is part of the Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign. With a diverse team ofbiologists, ecologists and environmental scientists, we have a common mission tocontribute to protecting rivers as knowledgeable experts and scientists. And we plan todo this with the tools we are most knowledgeable of: By collecting data to showcasewhat is at risk when a unique river should be developed for hydropower. To maximizeour chances of success we concentrate relevant expertises in an inspiring collaborativefield campaign and we seek support by journalists to help us address the public.


The below program is provisional. It describes the main research sites where we wouldlike everyone to gather data, also if you don't follow the suggested program. Aditionalresearch sites are suggested for those that need less time.

Tue, June 28 - Evening of Welcome and Introductions, Basecamp: Ulog

Wed, June 29 - Research Sites: Krupac Confluence
Optional Sites: Hike/drive up to the source and/or follow the riverdownstream towards Old wooden bridge
Basecamp: Ulog

Thu, June 30 - Research Sites: Cerova, Ulogski Buk
Optional Sites: Walk from Cerova to Ulogski Buk/Ulog
Food by Chef de Cuisine
Basecamp: Ulog

Fri, July 1 - Research Sites: Swimming Beach, Nedavic
Optional Sites: Jezernica or Ljuta
Music night with live band
Basecamp: Ulog

Sat, July 2 - Move Basecamp to Glavatičevo
Research Sites: Brijestov Bridge (on the way)
Optional Sites: Jasenica (on the way), Tajoraft, Hitko rafting
Basecamp: Glavatičevo (Hitko Rafting)

Sun, July 3 - Rafting the Lower Neretva Canyon
Optional Locations: Tajoraft, Hitko rafting

Further information on the research sites can be found on this digital map. The mainlocations are in blue and the optional locations in green. Feel free to explore! It alsocontains information on the planned dams.

Participating Scientists Neretva Science Week (exc. 150 KB)

Information on the Fieldwork Locations. See locations on this map.

  1. Upstream from Ulog damsite
  1. Krupac Confluence
    Character: Karst spring river flowing into the Neretva, wide grassy area
    Accessibility: Terrain Car (possibly VW van), lots of parking.
  2. Old Bridge, Beach RR
    Character: Gravel beach, riffles
    Accessibility: Terrain Car until down, or park at main road (bigger cars) and walk 10 minutes over road
  3. Cerova
    Character: Braided, some strainers
    Accessibility: Terrain Car until down, or park at main road (bigger cars) and walk 10 minutes over trail, fairly close to partly flooded alder forest section just a few minutes further downstream
  4. Between Concrete Bridge and Ulogski Buk
    Character: Floodplain forest, then small rapids, cliff sides
    Accessibility: Possibly walking (wading) and by expert kayak
  5. Ulogski Buk
    Character: End of steeper canyon with rock walls
    Accessibility: Terrain Car (possibly VW van), limited parking, within walking distance from basecamp (2 km on road, estimate 30-45 min)
  6. Between Ulogski Buk and Ulog
    Character: Flat, slow water over gravel bed and deep pools
    Accessibility: walking
  7. Swimming Beach
    Character: Wide gravel banks, braided river
    Accessibility: Terrain Car (possibly VW van), other cards park at main road, walk down 3 minutes, within walking distance from basecamp (15 min)
  1. Downstream of Ulog Damsite
  1. Nedavic
    Character: a trough with a lot of stones, slight curvature, nearby and one tributary
    Accessibility: Possible to drive down to Nadavic town, park and walk for 15 minutes.
    Note: This site is between the dam under constuction and its water outlet, so the flows will change drastically.
  2. Ljuta Bridge
    Character: Very steep mountain stream with big boulders
    Accessibility: Depending on improvements of the road, landslide just upstream of bridge over Ljuta
  3. Jasenica
    Character: Nice beach, lots of driftwood, river is constrained and already sizeable (may be wadable in summer, not in spring)
    Accessibility: Only a few cars, very little parking, but okay road (VW van, terrain cars etc.)
  4. Brijestov Bridge
    Character: Larger gravel bars with willows and side channel, other than this rather constrained
    Accessibility: Terrain Car (possibly VW van), long ride down with tight switchbacks, rather far to walk
  5. Beach, cliff other side
    Character: Small gravel/sand beach, straight wall at the other side
    Accessibility: From main road, much parking available
  6. Tajoraft
    Character: Large gravel section in wide river bend, partly deep backwaters with sandbottom, lots of trees and overthrown willows
    Accessibility: Very close to main road, also walkable from Hitko Basecamp(?!)
  7. Lower Neretva canyon

Character: Constrained river, some canyon sections with rock walls on either side, lots of karst springs
Accessibility: by boat only Photos: